Every member on our board volunteers their time. They are not salaried or financially renumerated for their work, but are dedicated to improving the vision services for the needy in Daytona.

Bill Watson (president)

Bill is our acting president and has worked in the eye transplant industry for several decades. He has experience with eye banking for corneal transplants and is the CEO for the largest ophthalmology group in the area. Bill also has experience with the non-profit and fundraising for vision charities in the past – he is dedicated to improving the visual health for the under-served.

Catherine Root (vice president)

Mrs. Root is a lawyer in the banking regulation sector. She has extensive experience with fundraising through her work with the American Red Cross and a personal interest in helping local youth. She has years of experience with presentation dynamics and has edited several ophthalmology textbooks.

Jane France (treasurer)

Mrs. France is a retired teacher and formal principle at St. James academy. She has decades of experience working with our area’s youth and is keenly aware of the social pressures that poor vision can create for children. Her husband, Joseph France M.D. is a retired ophthalmologist who still volunteers his eye services at the local free clinic and continues to teach medical students through the Florida State medical school.

Liz Chanfrau (director)

Mrs. Chanfrau has a law degree and is a former practicing attorney. She is dedicated to helping local youth and improving the services of the needy in the greater Daytona area. Mrs. Chanfrau is extremely active with community service and brings her unique focus to these social issues.

Lisa Rudolph (secretary)

Ms. Rudolph has worked in the vision world for several decades in the marketing and outreach sector. She is experienced with event planning and highly active in the community. If you have a question, Lisa is the best person to reach at (386) 672-4244.